Simple Google Sheets interface to track time
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A very simple interface to Google Sheets, that allows you to track time. Every time when you work on something - you can log time here, and edit it in Google Sheets later.


animated demo



The entire time tracking "database" has only three columns:

Start time | End time | What is done?

I'm using the simplest possible UI to enter this information on the website, and send this data to Google Sheets via Google Sheets API.

NOTE: Once is loaded, all communication happens directly between your browser and Google Sheets. So, your privacy (and mine) is kept intact

I crafted UI based on my own usage patterns. The Start time of a new record is always set to the End time of the last record. So I can immediately log what I've done since last entry (see GIF file above).


I was just curios. I had this idea of Google Sheets as a Database for a while, and wanted to have a tool to track time that is tailored to my needs. So it was a good excuse to play with it, and have one more tool in my professional toolset :).

After all, it took only ~10.5 hours to build this website.

I liked the API and hope you will find this project helpful for your learning and inspiration!


The code is fully available under MIT license.


If you want to develop this tool on your computer, simply do the following:

git clone
cd time
npm install

Now you are ready to run dev server:

npm run dev

Then open http://localhost:8091.

The tool uses vue and materialize. The hosting and secure certificates are provided by - free for open source projects.