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AnyCable-Go WebSocket Server

WebSocket server for AnyCable.

NOTE: this is a readme for the upcoming 0.6.0 version. Go to 0.5.x version.


The easiest way to install AnyCable-Go is to download a pre-compiled binary.

Or with Homebrew

brew install anycable/anycable/anycable-go

Of course, you can install it from source too:

CGO_ENABLED=0 go get -u -f github.com/anycable/anycable-go/cmd/anycable-go

NOTE: right now it's not possible to build anycable-go with mruby support using the command above (that's why we added CGO_ENABLED=0). To install anycable-go with mruby from source try:

go get -d -u -f github.com/anycable/anycable-go/cmd/anycable-go && (cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/anycable/anycable-go && make prepare-mruby install)


For instructions on how to upgrade to a newer version see upgrade notes.


See heroku-anycable-go buildpack.


Run server:

anycable-go --rpc_host= --headers=cookie,x-api-token --redis_url=redis://localhost:6379/5 --redis_channel=anycable --host= --port=8080

=> INFO 2018-03-05T08:44:57.684Z context=main Starting AnyCable 0.6.0

You can also provide configuration parameters through the corresponding environment variables (i.e. ANYCABLE_RPC_HOST, ANYCABLE_REDIS_URL, etc).

For more information about available options run anycable-go -h.

Metrics & Stats

Anycable-Go provides useful statistical information about the service (such as a number of connected clients, received messages, etc.).


To enable a HTTP endpoint to serve Prometheus-compatible metrics (disabled by default) you must specify --metrics_http option (e.g. --metrics_http="/metrics").

You can also change a listening port and listening host through --metrics_port and --metrics_host options respectively (by default the same as the main (websocket) server port and host, i.e. using the same server).

The exported metrics format is the following:

# HELP anycable_go_clients_num The number of active clients
# TYPE anycable_go_clients_num gauge
anycable_go_clients_num 0

# HELP anycable_go_clients_uniq_num The number of unique clients (with respect to connection identifiers)
# TYPE anycable_go_clients_uniq_num gauge
anycable_go_clients_uniq_num 0

# HELP anycable_go_client_msg_total The total number of received messages from clients
# TYPE anycable_go_client_msg_total counter
anycable_go_client_msg_total 5906

# HELP anycable_go_failed_client_msg_total The total number of unrecognized messages received from clients
# TYPE anycable_go_failed_client_msg_total counter
anycable_go_failed_client_msg_total 0

# HELP anycable_go_broadcast_msg_total The total number of messages received through PubSub (for broadcast)
# TYPE anycable_go_broadcast_msg_total counter
anycable_go_broadcast_msg_total 956

# HELP anycable_go_failed_broadcast_msg_total The total number of unrecognized messages received through PubSub
# TYPE anycable_go_failed_broadcast_msg_total counter
anycable_go_failed_broadcast_msg_total 0

# HELP anycable_go_broadcast_streams_total The number of active broadcasting streams
# TYPE anycable_go_broadcast_streams_total gauge
anycable_go_broadcast_streams_total 0

# HELP anycable_go_rpc_call_total The total number of RPC calls
# TYPE anycable_go_rpc_call_total counter
anycable_go_rpc_call_total 15808

# HELP anycable_go_rpc_error_total The total number of failed RPC calls
# TYPE anycable_go_rpc_error_total counter
anycable_go_rpc_error_total 0

# HELP anycable_go_failed_auths_total The total number of failed authentication attempts
# TYPE anycable_go_failed_auths_total counter
anycable_go_failed_auths_total 0

# HELP anycable_go_goroutines_num The number of Go routines
# TYPE anycable_go_goroutines_num gauge
anycable_go_goroutines_num 5222

# HELP anycable_go_disconnect_queue_size The size of delayed disconnect
# TYPE anycable_go_disconnect_queue_size gauge
anycable_go_disconnect_queue_size 0


Another option is to periodically write stats to log (with info level). To enable metrics logging pass --metrics_log flag.

Your logs should contain smth like:

INFO 2018-03-06T14:16:27.872Z broadcast_msg_total=0 broadcast_streams_num=0 client_msg_total=0 clients_num=0 clients_uniq_num=0 context=metrics disconnect_queue_size=0 failed_auths_total=0 failed_broadcast_msg_total=0 failed_client_msg_total=0 goroutines_num=35 rpc_call_total=0 rpc_error_total=0

By default metrics are logged every 15 seconds (you can change this behaviour through --metrics_log_interval option).


First, try to run anycable-go --debug to enable verbose logging.

The most common problem is using different Redis channels within RPC instance and anycable-go. Find the following line in the logs:

INFO 2018-03-05T08:44:57.695Z context=pubsub Subscribed to Redis channel: __anycable__

and make sure, that RPC server publishes messages to the specified channel.


To secure your anycable-go server provide the paths to SSL certificate and private key:

anycable-go --port=443 -ssl_cert=path/to/ssl.cert -ssl_key=path/to/ssl.key

=> INFO 2018-03-05T08:44:57.684Z context=http Starting HTTPS server at




See available images here.

ActionCable Compatibility

Feature Status
Connection Identifiers +
Connection Request (cookies, params) +
Disconnect Handling +
Subscribe to channels +
Parameterized subscriptions +
Unsubscribe from channels +
Performing Channel Actions +
Streaming +
Usage of the same stream name for different channels +
Broadcasting +
Remote disconnect - (WIP)
Custom stream callbacks -
Subscription Instance Variables -


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/anycable/anycable-go.

Please, provide reproduction script (using this template) when submitting bugs if possible.


The library is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.