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First, make sure you have JDK 1.8 or higher installed. To install RBioFormats use the biocLite installation script in order to resolve the dependency on the Bioconductor package EBImage.

biocLite("aoles/RBioFormats") # You might need to first run `install.packages("devtools")`

Mac OS X

Mac OS comes with a legacy Apple Java 6. In order to use RBioFormats, you will need to update your Java installation to a newer version provided by Oracle.

  1. Install Oracle JDK.

  2. Update R Java configuration by executing from the command line (you might have to run it as a super user by prepending sudo depending on your installation).

R CMD javareconf
  1. Re-install rJava from sources in order to properly link to the non-system Java installation.
install.packages("rJava", type="source")

You can verify your configuration by running the following commands. This should return the Java version string corresponding to the one downloaded and installed in step 1.

.jcall("java/lang/System", "S", "getProperty", "java.runtime.version")
## [1] "1.8.0_112-b16" 


For example use, see the package vignette.


See my answers on Stack Overflow.


The java.lang.OutOfMemoryError error

If you get the java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error, try increasing the maximum heap size by supplying the -Xmx parameter before the Java Virtual Machine is initialized. For example, use

options( java.parameters = "-Xmx4g" )
library( "RBioFormats" )

to override the default setting and assign 4 gigabytes of heap space to the Java environment.

Information about the current Java heap space limit can be retrieved by checkJavaMemory().

Use with BiocParallel

Each R process needs a separate JVM instance. For this, load the package in the parallelized function, e.g.,

bplapply (files, function(f) {


📚 R interface to the Bio-Formats library




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