Guard::OCUnit automatically runs your OCUnit(SenTest) tests
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Guard::OCUnit Build Status

OCUnit guard allows to automatically launch tests when files are modified.

  • Compatible with XCode 4.x
  • Tested with XCode 4.5.


Please be sure to have Guard and ios-sim installed before continue. guard-ocunit uses ios-sim for running application tests from command line, for more info refer to the SO question.

  • Install the gem:
$ gem install guard-ocunit
  • Add guard definition to your Guardfile by running this command:
$ guard init ocunit
  • Enable Run in the Build section of your test bundle’s scheme.


Please read Guard usage doc


OCUnit guard can be adapted to your projects.

Standard Cocoapods project

guard :ocunit,
      :derived_data  => '/tmp/tests',
      :workspace     => 'SampleApp.xcworkspace',
      :scheme        => 'SampleApp',
      :test_bundle   => 'SampleAppTests' do

  watch(%r{^SampleApp/Models/(.+)\.[m,h]$}) { |m| "SampleAppTests/#{m[1]}Tests.m" }

Please read Guard doc for more information about the Guardfile DSL.


By default, Guard::OCUnit will only look for test files within Tests in your project root. You can configure Guard::OCUnit to look in additional paths by using the :test_paths option:

guard 'ocunit', :test_paths => ["Tests", "/Models/Tests"],:test_bundle => 'SampleAppTests' do
  # ...

List of available options:

:test_bundle  => '',            # test ocunit bundle with provided name, mandatory parameter
:derived_data => ''/tmp/tests/, # build into provided path, default: current folder
:workspace    => nil,           # build provided workspace, default: nil, use with :scheme
:scheme       => nil,           # build provided scheme, default: nil, use with :workspace
:project      => nil,           # path to the project to test, defaults to current folder
:sdk          => '',            # link and test against provided device sdk, default: 'iphonesimulator'
:verbose      => false          # dump all tests information in console
:notification => false          # display notification after the tests are done running, default: true
:all_after_pass => false        # run all tests after changed tests pass, default: true
:all_on_start => false          # run all tests at startup, default: true
:keep_failed  => false          # keep failed tests until they pass, default: true
:tests_paths  => ["Tests"]      # specify an array of paths that contain test files
:focus_on_failed => false       # focus on the first 10 failed tests first, rerun till they pass
:clean        => false          # defines all builds as clean. By default run all command doing clean build
:build_variables => ''          # passes provided parameters to the xcodebuild
:ios_sim_opts => ''             # passes provided options to the ios-sim