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[BAHIR-36] Update
- Add how to build and test project

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# Bahir Repository
# Apache Bahir

Initial Bahir repository (see issue [BAHIR-1]( containing the source for the Spark streaming connectors for akka, mqtt, twitter, zeromq
Apache Bahir provides extensions to distributed analytics platforms such as Apache Spark.


## Apache Bahir origins

The Initial Bahir source code (see issue [BAHIR-1]( containing the source for the Apache Spark streaming connectors for akka, mqtt, twitter, zeromq
extracted from [Apache Spark revision 8301fad](
(before the [deletion of the streaming connectors akka, mqtt, twitter, zeromq](

This repo still needs license files, build scripts, READMEs, etc but it does have all of
the commit history as well as the respective examples (with rewritten revision trees to preserve pre-Bahir history).
## Source Code Structure

Folder structure:
Source code folder structure:
- streaming-akka
- examples/src/main/...
@@ -19,3 +23,31 @@ Folder structure:
- python
- ...

## Building Bahir

Bahir is built using [Apache Maven](
To build Bahir and its example programs, run:

mvn -DskipTests clean install

## Running Tests

Testing first requires [building Bahir](#building-bahir). Once Bahir is built, tests
can be run using:

mvn test

## Example Programs

Each extension currently available in Apache Bahir has an example application located under the "examples" folder.

## Online Documentation

Coming Soon.

## A Note About Apache Spark Integration

Coming soon.

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