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JEXL-36{1,2,3,4}: release notes
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henrib committed Mar 14, 2022
1 parent 45ba717 commit 8d4ac205aee9cdf78cc5f76a7e217baec1897b8c
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@@ -38,11 +38,15 @@ allow fine-tuning the scripting integration into any project.

New Features in 3.3:
* JEXL-363: Allow retrieving captured variables in script
* JEXL-359: Allow per-operator arithmetic handling of null arguments
* JEXL-357: Configure accessible packages/classes/methods/fields

Bugs Fixed in 3.3:
* JEXL-364: Evaluator options not propagated in closures
* JEXL-362: JexlInfo position reporting is off
* JEXL-361: Null may be used as operand silently even in arithmetic strict(true) mode
* JEXL-354: #pragma does not handle negative integer or real literals
* JEXL-353: Documentation error for not-in/not-match operator

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