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Dubbo Samples

Samples for Apache Dubbo.

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This repository contains a number of projects to illustrate various usages of Dubbo from basic to advanced, pls. check README in each individual sub projects. It is also helpful to cross reference to Dubbo User Manual to understand the features demoed in this project.

What's more, dubbo-go samples are moved to dubbo-go-samples.

Build and Run Samples

To compile all samples, run the following command in the top directory of this project, or step into the sub directories to compile one single sample:

It is highly not recommend to build the entire project from the root directory, as building the entire samples can take a long time. Each module in Samples is designed independently so you can first go to the demo directory you care about, then execute the build and run the demo.

For example,

$ cd 1-basic/dubbo-samples-spring-boot
$ mvn clean package

You may need to read each individual README under the sub directories if you have to understand how to build and run.

Integration Test

This project is also used for integration tests for dubbo. If you are just learning how to use Dubbo you don't have to care about this part.

How to build and run a integration test

Dubbo integration test base on docker container, and relies on an image used to run the provider application and test cases.

Integration test leverages docker to setup test environment, more accurately, to start dubbo provider instance, and any other supporting systems like registry center if necessary, in docker.

Please install docker and docker-compose first, then build the test image dubbo/sample-test.

cd dubbo-samples

Use a debian mirror through env DEBIAN_MIRROR if apt download files slowly, the following example uses aliyun mirror server :

cd dubbo-samples

Then we use the script to run the test cases.

  • Run single test case

    cd dubbo-samples
    ./test/ <project.basedir>

    For example, run the dubbo-samples-annotation test case:

    ./test/ 2-advanced/dubbo-samples-annotation
  • Run all test cases

    cd dubbo-samples

If docker container fails to startup successfully in any case, you can check log files in directory ${project.basedir}/target/logs to understand what happens.

Pls. note integration tests rely on a Docker environment, make sure the docker environment is available before running them.

How to add more integration test

If you are interested in contributing more integration test for dubbo, pls. read further to understand how to enable integration test for one particular sample from the scratch.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Add a file named case-configuration.yml to test project.

    This file is used to configure the test modules and environment, including dubbo provider / test services, dependent third-party services.

  2. Add a file named case-versions.conf to test project.

    This file is used to configure the supported component version rules to support multi-version testing.

Details of case-configuration.yml:

Take the case dubbo-samples-annotation as an example:

    type: app
    basedir: .
    mainClass: org.apache.dubbo.samples.annotation.AnnotationProviderBootstrap

    type: test
    basedir: .
      - "**/*IT.class"
      - zookeeper.address=dubbo-samples-annotation
      - zookeeper.port=2181
      - dubbo.address=dubbo-samples-annotation
      - dubbo.port=20880
      - dubbo-samples-annotation:2181
      - dubbo-samples-annotation:20880
      - dubbo-samples-annotation

The project contains a dubbo provider AnnotationProviderBootstrap and an embedded zookeeper server, as well as a test class AnnotationServicesIT.

Therefore, we have to define two services, one service runs AnnotationProviderBootstrap, and the other service runs test classes.

The service type of running dubbo provider is app, and the service type of running test is test.

The project directory is the same as the case configuration directory, so basedir is . .

Use hostname to access between containers, the default hostname of the container is the same as serviceName.

So through dubbo-samples-annotation:2181, the embedded zookeeper server can be accessed from the test container.

There are many test cases similar to this example, only need to modify the mainClass and hostname. Extract the changed as variables, and the unchanged content as templates. When using the template, you only need to modify the variable value, which makes the case configuration easier.

The above example can use a template app-builtin-zookeeper.yml, use from to reference it and override the variable value in props:

from: app-builtin-zookeeper.yml

  project_name: dubbo-samples-annotation
  main_class: org.apache.dubbo.samples.annotation.AnnotationProviderBootstrap
  zookeeper_port: 2181
  dubbo_port: 20880

Another template is app-external-zookeeper.yml, which supports an external zookeeper service. you can find all the templates in the directory test/dubbo-scenario-builder/src/main/resources/configs.

Details of case-versions.conf:

Version rules for spring app:

# Spring app
dubbo.version=2.7.*, 3.*
spring.version=4.*, 5.*

Version rules for spring-boot 1.x app:

# SpringBoot app
dubbo.version=2.7.*, 3.*

Version rules for spring-boot 2.x app:

# SpringBoot app
dubbo.version=2.7.*, 3.*

For more details, please refer to the following case configurations:

That's it, then feel free to add more integration test for the Dubbo project, have fun.