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Keep this in, but commented out: also provide a little

more background/rationale. This, hopefully, satisfies both
ends of the debate: we don't "assume" that everyone who
uses this browser didn't make the specific choice, but
we allow for admins who care about DNT and want to either
  1. Make a statement
  2. Force adherence to the standard
to easily do so.

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@@ -409,3 +409,15 @@ Include @rel_sysconfdir@/extra/proxy-html.conf
SSLRandomSeed startup builtin
SSLRandomSeed connect builtin
+# uncomment out the below to deal with user agents that deliberately
+# violate open standards by misusing DNT (DNT *must* be a specific
+# end-user choice)
+#<IfModule setenvif_module>
+#BrowserMatch "MSIE 10.0;" bad_DNT
+#<IfModule headers_module>
+#RequestHeader unset DNT env=bad_DNT

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