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Welcome to Apache Mahout!

The goal of the Apache Mahout™ project is to build an environment for quickly creating scalable, performant machine learning applications.

For additional information about Mahout, visit the Mahout Home Page

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QuMat is a POC of a high level Python library for intefacing with multiple quantum computing backends. It is designed to be easy to use and to abstract the particularities of each backend, so that you may 'write once, run anywhere.' Like the Java of quantum computing, but Java is the new COBOL so we're trying to distance ourselves from that comparison :P

Check out basic gates for a quick introduction to the basic gates which are basically all that exist right now (and even those only exist for qiskit).

Getting started

To install dependencies, run the following:

pip install -U poetry
poetry install


Please see the NOTICE.txt included in this directory for more information.