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Apache Sling

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Apache Sling Launchpad Integration Tests

This module is part of the Apache Sling project and contains test classes used by the launchpad/testing module.

To run a single test or a specific set of tests against a running Sling instance, use for example:

mvn test -Dtest=UploadFileTest -Dhttp.port=1234

Where UploadFileTest is the test to run. Wildcards are allowed, and test classes are found in the src/main folder (not a typo - that's not src/test as we want to pack the tests in the jar file that we build).

See the <properties> section in pom.xml for additional parameters that the tests use.

Here's another example, running the tests against a Sling instance running on host xyzzy, port 1234, with the Sling main servlet mounted under /foo:

mvn -o -s /dev/null test \
    -Dhttp.port=1234 \ \
    -Dhttp.base.path=foo \
    -Dwebdav.workspace.path=foo \
    -Dlaunchpad.readiness.mediatype=.json:application/json \ 

To run or debug tests against the same instance that launchpad/testing module, see that module's README for how to start the test instance.

The standard -Dmaven.surefire.debug option can be used to debug the tests themselves.

Some tests might fail if not using a a Sling instance that's not setup by the launchpad/testing module, as that installs a few additional test bundles.


Apache Sling Launchpad Integration Tests





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