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store email in couchdb
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git clone ...
cd couchmail
cake compile 
./ &


Start a nailgun server (currently I develop with vimclojure and am lazy, so this is tied to the vimclojure nailgun server in vimclojure, but at least I pack my handy

Send email to be stored to couchdb in MIME to the couchmail.Store Nail with the nailgun client (brew install nailgun, dude).

Example .fetchmailrc: poll protocol imap user "" password "hunter2" mda "/usr/local/bin/ng couchmail.Store" ssl

couchmail.Store optionally excepts as a third parameter an aribtrary json blob to merge with imported mail. For example, to tag all mail from my work email account in a mailbag bag, I can use a fetchmailrc line like this: poll protocol imap user "" password "hunter2" mda "/usr/local/bin/ng couchmail.Store '{\x22bags\x22:[\x22work\x22]}'" ssl

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