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NFWX - Nokia Firmware Explorer


As of April 2013 this tool does not work anymore. Nokia has closed the access to their firmware download service and it keeps failing with HTTP 500 status codes. Nevertheless, the code for nfwx will remain publicly available.

NFWX is a small command-line tool to explore the available firmware downloads for Nokia devices, which can be obtained using the same SOAP services as used by the Nokia-supplied tools to install the updates.


  • This software does not download any firmware/software from the Nokia servers. It just provides a listing of what's available and the URLs to files.
  • The software is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind. The author is not responsible for any damage which may be caused to your phone due to the incorrect usage of it.
  • It is recommended to use the official update procedures for your Nokia devices.


This tool is written in Python, and uses the SOAPpy library.


Make sure you have Python and SOAPpy installed, then you can run the tool in interactive mode (which is faster). It will show a (nfwx) prompt, where you can enter commands:

% ./nfwx
(nfwx) _

To get information about a particular command, use help:

(nfwx) help products
List product-ids and their names.

Alternatively, commands can be entered directly from the shell when invoking nfwx:

$ ./nfwx products > productlist.txt

Tips and tricks

It is possible to pass a string to search inside the products list:

(nfwx) products N9
xxxxxxxxxx     Nokia N97 mini
yyyyyyyyyy     Nokia N9

For scripting purposes, it is possible to define the environment variable NFWX_SID to the output of the sid command, to avoid each invocation requesting a new session identifier to the web service:

% export NFWX_SID=$(./nfwx sid)
% ./nfwx variants 123456789
% ./nfwx releases 666999666

How do I flash my device?

Ask somewhere else. Seriously.


This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


Nokia Firmware Explorer



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