v1.2 Semantic Validation #1

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We need to do more than just structural validation of the Swagger files:

***** The validation requires both the resource listing file and the API declaration/resource files


  • Ensure model ids are unique
  • Ensure model references point to defined models
  • Ensure model subTypes are not cyclical
  • Ensure model subTypes do not override inherited properties
  • Ensure model subTypes do not reference multiple "parent" objects (multiple inheritance)
  • Ensure model required properties actually exist on the model object
  • Ensure model discriminator property exists
  • Ensure API operation nicknames are unique (within a single apiDeclaration/resource)
  • Ensure API operation authorization references point to defined authorization *****
  • Ensure API operation authorization scopes (oauth 2 only) point to a defined scope *****
  • Ensure API operation method is unique
  • Ensure API operation responseMessages respond with unique response code
  • Ensure resource listing paths point to defined apiDeclaration/resource *****
  • Ensure the defaultValue of a parameter is within its type constraints


  • Declared but unreferenced authorization *****
  • Declared but unreferenced authorization scope *****
  • Declared but unreferenced model
  • Duplicate entries for model subTypes
  • Mismatched Swagger version across an API *****
  • API operation summary is greater than 120 characters
webron commented Jun 18, 2014

Regarding the defaultValue, the same would apply to minimum and/or maximum.
Another thing you can check regarding the defaultValue is that its type corresponds with the type+format fields. Not sure if the JSON Schema currently checks this, not sure if it can.


Thanks Ron, that helped a lot. I went back and updated the issue to reflect.


Based on what is known right now, this issue is complete. Please file bugs/enhancements related to semantic validation as new issues.

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