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Coding Style

XXX: These are mostly guidelines for new code, as some of existing hasn't been updated to these conventions yet.

Whitespace (all languages):

  • indentation is 4 spaces

  • never use tabs as indents

  • otherwise tab equals to 8 spaces

  • separate classes with two empty lines

Naming convention:

  • camelCase for functions/methods

  • UpperCase for structures/classes

  • lowercase for namespaces/modules

  • UPPER_CASE for #defines


  • enclose single statement if clauses in { }, specially for automatically generated code

  • } else {

  • use inlines for functions/methods which are called with high-frequency


  • lower_case

  • space between ( and precedent name

When in doubt, be consistent with the existing code.

Commit policy

Feature development:

  • Existing features in master branch should not degrade at any time, for any platform. (Unless it is not widely used and there is agreement.)

  • It's fine to add new features for only some platforms.

  • Non-trivial changes should be staged in a branch, to enable peer-review and regression testing. Branch should be deleted once code has been merged.

  • Releases are tagged commits from master. There are no stable branches.

Backwards compatibility:

  • Backwards binary compatibility with old traces must be always maintained: all tools, including glretrace, must handle old traces without regressions.

  • No backwards compatibility guarantees for derived data (ASCII dumps, state, images, etc).

  • There should be no gratuitous change to command line tool interfaces, but no guarantees are given.

Regression testing

There is a regression test suite under development in .

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