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Tools for tracing OpenGL, Direct3D, and other graphics APIs
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Latest commit 5de6856 @jrfonseca jrfonseca cmake: Recommend GCC verion 4.9.
I plan to make more use of C++11 features.

There are backports of GCC 4.9 for most Linux distributions, as
documented on , so no
point in dealing with the missing C++11 features from ealier GCC C++ /
libstdc++ versions.
Failed to load latest commit information.
cli cli: Allow to repack traces with Zlib.
cmake cmake: Don't bundle android.toolchain.cmake.
common common: Update comment links to projects previously on Google Code.
dispatch dxgitrace: Describe IWarpPrivateAPI internal interface.
docs cmake: Don't bundle android.toolchain.cmake.
gui gui: Drop unusued code paths.
guids guids: Replace bsearch with std::lower_bound.
helpers ddrawtrace: Fix calculation of FVF texture coord size.
image retrace: Support dumping floating point images to PNG.
inject injectee: Rename Mutex to g_Mutex.
retrace glretrace: Remove duplicate glUnmapNamedBuffer case.
scripts cli/diff: Fix undefined variable error with sdiff.
specs ddrawtrace: Fix tracing of DDCREATE_* flags.
thirdparty libpng: Update to 1.6.19.
wrappers gltrace: Catch recursion in *GetProcAddres*
.dir-locals.el Improve the indention in emacs just a bit.
.editorconfig editorconfig: Fix indentation for makefiles.
.gitignore git: Ignore recently added tests.
.travis.yml travis: Use GCC 4.9. cmake: Don't bundle android.toolchain.cmake.
CMakeLists.txt cmake: Recommend GCC verion 4.9.
LICENSE Update copyright in License.
README.markdown docs: Use relative links.
appveyor.yml appveyor: Ensure Qt5 bin dir is on the Path.


About apitrace

apitrace consists of a set of tools to:

  • trace OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Direct3D, and DirectDraw APIs calls to a file;

  • replay OpenGL and OpenGL ES calls from a file;

  • inspect OpenGL state at any call while retracing;

  • visualize and edit trace files.

See the apitrace homepage for more details.

Obtaining apitrace

To obtain apitrace either download the latest binaries for your platform if available, or follow these instructions to build and install it yourself.

On 64bits Linux and Windows platforms you'll need apitrace binaries that match the architecture (32bits or 64bits) of the application being traced.


Detailed usage instructions are available here.

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