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About apitrace

apitrace consists of a set of tools to:

  • trace OpenGL, Direct3D, and DirectDraw APIs calls to a file;

  • replay OpenGL and Direct3D calls from a file;

  • inspect OpenGL and Direct3D state at any call while retracing;

  • visualize and edit trace files.

See the apitrace homepage for more details.


TL;DR: Apitrace is still being maintained, but the maintainer has very little time to work on it, so patches/issues/requests are addressed if/as time permits.

Long version here

Obtaining apitrace

To obtain apitrace either download the latest binaries for your platform if available, or follow these instructions to build and install it yourself.

On 64bits Linux and Windows platforms you'll need apitrace binaries that match the architecture (32bits or 64bits) of the application being traced.


Detailed usage instructions are available here.