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Testsuite for apitrace
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This is an automated test suite for apitrace.


Same as apitrace requirements.


To run the test suite do on Unices:

cmake -DAPITRACE_SOURCE_DIR=/path/to/apitrace/tree -DAPITRACE_EXECUTABLE=/path/to/apitrace/build/apitrace -H. -Bbuild
make -C build all test

You can run multiple tests in parallel by specifying CTEST_PARALLEL_LEVEL environment variable.

Or on Windows:

cmake -G "Visual Studio 10" -H. -Bbuild
cmake --build build --target ALL_BUILD
cmake --build build --target RUN_TESTS

A detailed log will be written to Testing/Temporary/LastTest.log.


Some tests will crash on purpose. On Mac OS X you can avoid the application quit unexpectedly doing

defaults write DialogType none
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