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Support for Miniscript and Output Descriptors for rust-bitcoin
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Library for handling Miniscript, which is a subset of Bitcoin Script designed to support simple and general tooling.

In particular, it supports

  • Parsing and serializing Miniscript to Script
  • Parsing and serializing Miniscript to a human-readable string format
  • Determining which public keys and hash preimages are needed to satisfy a Miniscript, at a given time
  • Filling in bitcoin::TxIn objects with satisfactions to a Miniscript, given valid signatures
  • Optimally compiling an ad-hoc "policy language" to Miniscript, with the policy flag
  • Abstracting Miniscript as an AbstractPolicy object on which some more advanced forms of analysis can be done

This library is stable enough that it will no longer publish breaking changes in minor releases. However, the library (and Miniscript itself) is still under active development and is not held to the same standards as rust-bitcoin or rust-secp256k1.

For this reason, it is not recommended to use it in production.

Minimim Compiler Version: 1.22.0

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