A multi platform rails like framework made for Node.js.
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Apogeu is a multi platform rails like framework made for Node.js.

Apogeu client bootstraps Node.js web projects and structures with simple commands like: apogeu new my-project or apogeu create service myService. Model structures are created from mustache templates that may be changed if needed.

Apogeu projects follows modern conventional patterns and should be easy to use, understand and extend.


npm install apogeu -g

That's it? Yes!


apogeu new [project_name]

Creates a new project. If no project name is given, Apogeu will use current folder as the project folder and it's name as project's name.

create [all|middleware|controller|service|model] <model_name>

Creates a project structure based on the given model's name.

apogeu start

Starts the project contained in the current folder.

apogeu test

Run app tests.


  • --version, -v
    • Shows your apogeu-cli version.
  • --debug, -d
    • May be used with any command. Shows debug information in the console.
  • --api
    • Changes a command behaviour to create API structures only.
  • --help, -h
    • Shows help.


Licence © Apogeu