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qontract (Queryable cONTRACT) is a collection of tools used to SREs to expose available managed services to application developer teams. This repository compromises the server component, which is implemented as a GraphQL API.

Development Environment

Although it is not required, it's recommended that you use yarn for install dependencies and running development scripts.

To install this projects dependencies to a local node_modules directory:

yarn install

To run a process that watches for edits and rebuilds JavaScript from TypeScript:

yarn run watch

Or alternatively, you can run the TypeScript compilation once:

yarn build

To run an instance of the qontract GraphQL console:

LOAD_METHOD=fs DATAFILES_FILE=your_test_datafile yarn run server

Specific instructions for CentOS 7:

# Install node10
sudo yum install centos-release-scl-rh
sudo yum install rh-nodejs10

# Install yarn (as root)
scl enable rh-nodejs10 bash
npm install -g yarn

# Enable node10 (as user in qontract-server git repo)
scl enable rh-nodejs10 bash

# Install qontract-server yarn modules
yarn install

# Build the JavaScript
yarn build

# Start the server
LOAD_METHOD=fs DATAFILES_FILE=<data-bundle-json> yarn run server

Creating the data and schema bundles

The bundles are required to run the validation and to start the server.

docker pull
docker run --rm -v $DATA_DIR:/data:z qontract-bundler /data > data.json
docker run --rm -v $SCHEMAS_DIR:/schemas:z qontract-bundler /schemas > schemas.json

As of right now, the $SCHEMAS_DIR is assets/schemas/ dir in the qontract-server git repository, although in the future it will be removed from this repository.

Validating the data against the schemas

docker run --rm -v $BUNDLES_DIR:/bundles:z qontract-validator --only-errors /bundles/schemas.json /bundles/data.json

The $BUNDLES_DIR is a directory that must contain the data.json and schemas.json file created in the previous section.


All code should follow the airbnb style guide, which is enforced by this projects lint script:

yarn run lint