@sebv sebv released this Dec 1, 2014 · 1323 commits to master since this release

Assets 4


  • better handling of session closing.
  • tmp dir customization via env variable.
  • app/browserName error message fix.
  • functional test fixes.


  • allow location services in zip file.
  • ensure a string is returned from iOS getText.
  • simpler device type detection logic.
  • screenshotWaitTimeout cap
  • added ios-webkit-debug-proxy launcher to go round libidevice 8.1 bugs
  • waitForAppScript capability.
  • syslog fix
  • getStrings refactoring
  • simulator folder fix
  • doctor support for OSX 10.10.1


  • exec refactoring.
  • uses for latest apktool (2.0.0-RC2) when Java 7 is detected.
  • ADB.jars refactored into instance property.
  • smart keyboard closing fix.
  • added support for getting the resourceId attribute of an element.
  • clear text fix for large centered edit fields.
  • better handling of errors in clear text.
  • ensure an already-running Android device's language and country settings are correct.
  • fixed unknown server-side error is thrown when the XPath expression doesn't match any nodes.
  • better error handling is SetText
  • edit + clear fields with hint text fix.
  • make hideKeyboard do nothing when keyboard is present but not closable (has no UI).


  • upgrade to Selendroid 0.12.0.
  • throws when getting a redirect from Selendroid.
  • added hideKeyboard support.
  • uses for latest apktool (2.0.0-RC2) when Java 7 is detected.