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raymondfeng and Kamran64 nodejs-loopback: upgrade/add application dependencies (#488)
To develop the application independent of the base image, we need to set up
dependencies in application's package.json file.
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Welcome to Appsody!

Compose a cloud native masterpiece.

Infused with cloud native capabilities from the moment you start, Appsody provides everything you need to iteratively develop applications, ready for deployment to Kubernetes environments. Teams are empowered with sharable technology stacks, configurable and controllable through a central hub.


This repository holds the default set of stacks available from Appsody. Each stack is pre-configured with popular open source technologies to enable rapid development of quality microservice-based applications. Stacks include a base container image and project templates which act as a starting point for your application development.

Stacks allow for rapid development whilst giving the stack developer the ability to control the overall applications that are created from it.

To find out more about Appsody check out

Repository Structure

Stacks are categorized as either stable, incubator or experimental depending on the content of the stack.

  • stable/: Stable stacks meet this set of technical requirements.

  • incubator/: The stacks in the incubator folder are actively being worked on to satisfy the stable criteria.

  • experimental/: Experimental stacks are not being actively been worked on and may not fulfill the requirements of an Appsody stack. These can be used for trying out specific capabilities or proof of concept work.

Click here to find out more about Appsody stacks.

Creating a Stack

We are actively working to create new stacks so that more people can adopt Appsody. If you find that none of the existing stacks meet your needs please reach out to us on the Appsody Slack or create a new GitHub issue to track the discussion.

We always welcome any contributions. If you wanted to create your own stack for a framework or language that we do not currently support, please review the contributing guidelines and follow the steps outlined in creating a stack.

Need help?

If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, we would also like to hear about that too. You can reach out to the community for assistance on Slack.


Please see LICENSE and NOTICES for more information.

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