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Postee is a simple message routing application that receives input messages through a webhook interface, and can take enforce actions using predefined outputs via integrations.

Watch a quick demo of how you can use Postee:

Postee Demo Video

Primary use of Postee is to act as a message relay and notification service that integrates with a variety of third-party services. Postee can also be used for sending vulnerability scan results or audit alerts from Aqua Platform to collaboration systems.

In addition, Postee can also be used to enforce pre-defined behaviours that can orchestrate actions based on input messages as triggers.

Postee v2 scheme


Although we are trying to keep new releases backward compatible with previous versions, this project is still incubating, and some APIs and code structures may change.


The official Documentation provides detailed installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and quick start guides.

Postee is an Aqua Security open source project.
Learn about our Open Source Work and Portfolio.
Join the community, and talk to us about any matter in GitHub Discussions or Slack.


  1. Bump version of helm chart.
  2. (By repository admin) Create a new tag. Postee and helm charts are automatically released by github actions.
  3. (By repository admin) Run publish-docs workflow, if document has been updated.