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A Discord experience and leveling bot, designed to be used with the Stardew Valley server.

Written by aquova, 2020-2022


This bot was written as a replacement for the SDV server's previous XP bot, Mayor Lewis. It also provides a leaderboard to show the monthly and all-time most active users.

My personal hosting of the bot will be private, but users are free to host a version of the bot themselves.


  • For the bot to run, ranks.json and config.json files must be created and placed in the private directory. These establish the settings for the bot. Examples are currently not provided, but they must match the layout specified in src/ and other files.

  • While it is possible to run this directly on a machine, the full system can be run within Docker. Simply install both Docker and Docker-Compose, then start the project with docker-compose up. This will initiate both the bot, as well as a webserver hosting the leaderboard. You will need to provide your own site.conf file with your Nginx configuration.