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Bitcoin wallet for iOS. First mobile wallet to support reusable/stealth addresses. Also offers cold wallet storage and offline spending. Visit for more information.

  • No signup required
  • Cold wallet storage and offline spending
  • Encrypted iCloud backup support
  • Single recovery passphrase that works forever
  • Private keys never leave your device
  • Faster loading time compared to other wallets
  • Send and receive bitcoin payments
  • View transactions and wallet balance
  • PIN protection
  • Email support built into app
  • HD wallet support
  • Forward/reusable/stealth address support
  • Over 150 local currencies support
  • Bitcoin, millibits and bits denomination support
  • Dedicated help section for any question about how to use the app
  • Automatic cycling of addresses to prevent address reuse
  • Open source
  • Your wallet is encrypted with AES-256 and 10k rounds of PBKDF2 password stretching
  • xpub keys stored client side unlike many other wallets, which offers better privacy
  • Can access private keys without an internet connection
  • Advance mode for Bitcoin experts
  • First bitcoin wallet written in Swift
Advance features:
  • Pick Your Preferred block explorer API, currently we support Bitpay’s Insight and You can also point ArcBit to your own Insight Server.
  • Import private keys support
  • Import BIP38 encrypted private keys support
  • Import watch only addresses support
  • Import HD wallet account keys support
  • Import HD wallet watch only account keys support


To build ArcBit simply open the project from XCode and click run.

Made Possible By

ArcBit is made possible by, but not limited to these projects.