Web application framework for React by Red Badger
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Web application framework for React.


Arch is a single page web application framework using React as its UI layer. Arch takes a functional style approach with central immutable state architecture inspired by Om.

Arch applications are written in LiveScript by default (read more about the reasoning behind the decision), they are fully isomorphic out of the box and Arch comes with it's own Node.js based server, Webpack bundler and a CLI to help you get started.


Watch Arch introduction talk by Viktor and Tiago at React London Meetup.


For example code, see demos from the introduction talk at London React Meetup.

Get Started

Start by installing the Arch CLI

$ npm install -g arch-cli

Then create a directory for your new application and go inside

$ mkdir my-app && cd my-app

You can then generate a new app by running

arch-cli init

and following the steps. When done start the application by running

arch-cli serve

your application is now running on http://localhost:3000.


Arch doesn't have a website yet, but you can read the documentation (which is mostly complete)