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The City Energy Analyst (CEA)
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City Energy Analyst (CEA) logo

The City Energy Analyst (CEA) is an urban energy simulation platform and one of the first open-source computational tools for the design of low-carbon and highly efficient neighborhoods and districts The CEA combines knowledge of urban planning and energy systems engineering in an integrated framework. This allows to study the effects, trade-offs and synergies of urban design options, building retrofits and energy infrastructure plans.

  • Click here for installation manual and tutorials
  • Click here to report an issue
  • Click here to contact us


We will end support of the ArcGIS interface by the 1st of May of 2019. This means that there will not be anymore tutorials nor advice on how to use this interface. You could still use this interface at your own risk. We invite all CEA users to get acquainted with the CEA Dashboard. The CEA dashboard is our new 100% open source user interface. We will aim to create a first tutorial on how to use this interface by mid-april of 2019.

Cite us:

For V2.9.1 (stable): V2.9.1

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