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PKGBUILDs modified to build on Arch Linux ARM
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This repository hosts PKGBUILDs that have been modified from the upstream Arch Linux release in order to build on architectures supported by Arch Linux ARM. Unmodified upstream packages do not belong here.

These packages are meant to be built on Arch Linux ARM, found at


New packages should be placed in the correct locations, with the package's base folder name reflecting the 'pkgname' for single-package PKGBUILDs, or 'pkgbase' for multiple-package PKGBUILDs. In the case of non-ALARM packages, naming should exactly match the base folder or package name as used upstream or in the AUR, respectively. This will ensure correct package->version matching in the build system update routines.

PKGBUILDs modified from upstream, AUR, or custom PKGBUILDs for the alarm repo must have the author's name and email in the header along with a changelog of what modifications have been done to have the package build correctly. This allows us to identify and merge these changes into newer versions of the package.

core, extra and community

These folders contain packages only found in the upstream repositories by the same name. Exceptions are packages such as our kernels or other packages we feel belong within the scope of these repos.


Contains a selection of packages from the AUR that have been highly requested by the community to be pre-compiled and easily installed. However, you're free to use the AUR just as you would on Arch, and we have included cower and packer to compile and install directly from the AUR.


Contains packages we have created or have been submitted to us to enable functionality on ARM systems in use by the community. These are our own or have changed significantly enough from upstream or AUR to no longer qualify as being in those respective locations here.

Custom PKGBUILD variables for the build system

These variables are used to help control the build system used by Arch Linux ARM, and are not a part of the official PKGBUILD specification.


If non-zero, the build system will mark the package as done and not build it for any architecture. This should not be employed in regular use, and requires access to a non-public interface for getting built packages into the repos.


A bitmask of architectures to build the package for. This must be set to the decimal equivalent of the bitmask (the number in parenthesis). The values can be combined (bitwise OR) to select more than one architecture. Without being specified, the package will build for all architectures.

  • 0000 0001 (1) = the default, package will be built for all architectures
  • 0000 0010 (2) = the package will be built only for armv5
  • 0000 0100 (4) = the package will be built only for armv7h
  • 0000 1000 (8) = the package will be build only for armv8 (AArch64)
  • 0001 0000 (16) = the package will be built only for armv6h


If non-zero, the build system will mark the package as requiring a builder that has more than 2GB of RAM to build successfully.

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