Building archzfs

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  1. install clean-chroot-manageraur
  2. Edit ~/.config/clean-chroot-manager.conf and set CHROOTPATH64 to a valid path (run ccm64 to generate a basic config file)
  3. Clone this repository
$ git clone
$ cd archzfs
  1. Edit and update at least makepkg_nonpriv_user


To build any of the available zfs packages, you have to build the common packages first.

# ./ common update
# ./ common make
# ./ common-git update
# ./ common-git make

You can now build modules for one of the available kernels

# ./ std update
# ./ std make

Available kernel configs:

  • std: default linux kernel
  • lts: linux-lts
  • hardened: linux-hardened
  • zen: linux-zen
  • vfio: linux-vfio
  • dkms: dkms packages

If everything worked, the build packages are now in packages/<kernel>

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