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When to create an issue

  • Your problem has not already been reported!

  • The packages are out of date

  • Upgrading a package fails

  • Booting after an update fails due to zfs init scripts

  • An upstream bug is causing a problem in Arch Linux

How write an issue

  1. Clearly state the problem

  2. Show steps that resulted in the problem

  3. If a bug in OpenZFS is causing a problem in Arch, provide the upstream github issue in the archzfs issue description.

  4. Be ready to provide more details

    If the author of the issue does not respond to requests for more information, and no other users have reported similar problems, the issue will be closed.


Labels will be added to issues and pull requests by the project maintainers.

The label design has been copied from the Rust project in Github.

Labels begin with an alphabetical character indicating one of the following:

  • C is for Code

    This issue indicates a change or problem with the build scripts

  • E is for Experience

    The level of experience with the project needed to complete the issue.

  • P is for Priority

    The priority of the issue within the project.

  • S: Status

    The status of the issue. I.e., it's current state.