An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Emacs theme.
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An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant Emacs theme.

Designed for a fluent and clear workflow.
Based on the Nord color palette.

Nord Emacs is a 16 colorspace theme build to run in GUI- and terminal mode with support for many third-party syntax- and UI packages.

Font: Source Code Pro 20px

Getting started


NOTE: Nord Emacs in terminal mode MUST be used with the associated terminal emulator theme in order to work properly!
Make sure to install one of the currently supported terminal themes listed below BEFORE installing Nord Emacs.

Nord GNOME Terminal
Nord Guake
Nord Hyper
Nord iTerm2
Nord Konsole
Nord Mintty
Nord PuTTY
Nord Terminator
Nord Tilix
Nord Termite
Nord XFCE Terminal
Nord Xresources


Nord Emacs is avaiable as package.el-compatible Emacs Lisp package via MELPA, MELPA Stable and marmalade-repo.

M-x package-install RET nord-theme RET


Download the latest version or clone the repository and copy the nord-theme.el theme file to your ~/.emacs.d/themes directory.


Make sure that the themes directory has been added to the load path:

(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path (expand-file-name "~/.emacs.d/themes/"))

Use Nord Emacs as your default color theme by adding it to your .init.el

(load-theme 'nord t)

or change it on-the-fly by running M-x load-theme RET nord RET.


Non-obtrusive bracket matching- and search marker.

Colors of selected code can still be easily recognized.


All customizations need to be set before load-theme is invoked for Nord and require a restart of Emacs when changed!

Custom Comment Brightness

This customization allows to define a custom comment color brightness with percentage adjustments from 0 - 20. It is a way to provide a way for users to easily adjust the comment color to fit their needs without overriding specific faces individually.

It can be enabled by adding the nord-comment-brightness variable to a number between 1 and 20 in your init.el:

(setq nord-comment-brightness 15)

To adhere to the Nord style guide this option uses nord3 by default and applied as fallback when the variable is assigned a invalid value.

This customization is a port of the reference implementation from the Nord Atom Syntax project. The values are calculated using the LESSCSS lighten function to ensure full interoperability with other port projects that providing this theme feature.

Increased by Calculated value
0% (default) nord3
1% #4e586d
2% #505b70
3% #525d73
4% #556076
5% #576279
6% #59647c
7% #5b677f
8% #5d6982
9% #5f6c85
10% #616e88
11% #63718b
12% #66738e
13% #687591
14% #6a7894
15% #6d7a96
16% #6f7d98
17% #72809a
18% #75829c
19% #78859e
20% #7b88a1

Default comment brightness

Increased comment brightness by 15%

Region Highlight Style

Allows to set a style for the region highlight based on the Nord components, either to snowstorm or frost.

To adhere to the Nord style guide this option uses nord2 as background- and no specific foreground color.

It can be enabled by setting the nord-region-highlight variable to the desired style snowstorm or frost in your init.el:

(setq nord-region-highlight "snowstorm")

p align="center">snowstorm region highlight style

frost region highlight style

default region highlight style

Uniform Mode Lines

Enables uniform activate- and inactive mode lines using nord3 as background.

It can be activated by setting the nord-uniform-mode-lines variable to t in your init.el:

(setq nord-uniform-mode-lines t)

Default mode lines

Uniform mode lines

Package Support

Nord Emacs provides support for many third-party syntax- and the UI packages.
Detailed descriptions for supported packages can be found in the project wiki.

Syntax Packages


Java (jdee)

JavaScript (js2-mode, js3-mode)

Org Mode

Rainbow Delimeters

UI Packages

Company Mode


Nord Emacs contains optimized styles to achieve a consistent and uniform coloring across languages.
Detailed descriptions for supported languages can be found in the project wiki and in the Package Support section.










Please report issues/bugs, feature requests and suggestions for improvements to the issue tracker.

Copyright © 2017-present Arctic Ice Studio