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thatbakamono commented Aug 3, 2022

Describe the issue
Multi-line comments aren't supported properly, highlight.js seems to treat them like single-line comments which start similarly (#)

Which language seems to have the issue?

Are you using highlight or highlightAuto?


Sample Code to Reproduce

		<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.c
language enhancement bug help welcome
lucasrla commented Jan 3, 2021

Woops! Sorry for that, and thank you for catching it! I meant to type continue there but I slipped. Testing the codebase on the demo directory did not raise problems so I went along.

No promises here, but would you be open to PRs related to building an integration test suites? Such regressions could be caught pretty easily with basic tests.

_Originally posted by @clement-elbaz in ht

help wanted good first issue

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