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Release Date: 2020-01-08 Project Board Milestone


Support for ivy-mode#85#87 (⊶ d59f37c) by @jdek
↠ Added support for the ivy-mode of the ivy package.
It makes use of background to foreground color shading as main accent to highlight matches.



Migrate deprecated show-paren-X-face faces#75#89 (⊶ a2b9038) by @janusvm
↠ The show-paren-match-face and show-paren-mismatch-face face are deprecated since Emacs version 22.1 and were removed in Emacs 25.
To provide compatibility to later Emacs version, the new show-paren-match and show-paren-mismatch faces have been added.

The deprecated faces will be removed later on, but for now its totally fine for both faces to co-exist to support Emacs versions <22.1 as well as >=22.1.

Support Cider evaluation result in terminal#70#71 (⊶ 995d842) by @fmnoise
↠ Added support for evaluation result highlighting of the Cider package. When running in Emacs GUI mode through iTerm2 on macOS, the background and font color in the evaluation result overlay were the same (or very similar) color so it became unreadable.
Probably that's because of the defined cider-result-overlay-face face and a difference in the rendering engine of iTerm2.


To prevent this problem, the background color has been removed by using the unspecified keyword for the :background attribute.


Different colors for Org-Mode headings#81 (⊶ e095a86) by @C0DK
↠ The different Org-Mode headings are now using the whole Nord's Frost color palette instead of only using nord8.



Use display-color-cells to enable 24-bit color terminal support#59#64, #88 (⊶ a66c120) by @visigoth
↠ In order to fix the „unable to load color X” errors when running Emacs in daemon-mode, the defined theme colors are now tested against the display-color-cells „display feature testing“ function to support 24-bit color terminals with a fallback to the display-graphic-p function.
This is a first step to fix the problems described and tracked in #59.

Bug Fixes

Superfluous brace character introduced in #81#82 (⊶ 2fc8fe4) by @rien333
↠ Removed a superfluous brace character (introduced in #81) that caused the theme fail to load.

The full changelog ist available here