Cross-Platform Chart Generation Library for .NET Core
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Cross-Platform Chart Generation Library for .NET Core.

I couldn't find a chart rendering library to run under .NET Core (specifically for, but not limited to, AWS Lambda), so I created this one.


let series =
    { originalPoints = Plot.Core.FakeData.monthlyDataDateTimes
      title          = "Air Passenger Data"
      lineStyle      = 
            { Color     = Rgba32.Orange
              Thickness = 2.f }}
let inflatedSeries = 
    { originalPoints = Plot.Core.FakeData.monthlyDataDateTimes |> op -> { op with y = op.y + 100. })
      title          = "Inflated Air Passenger Data"
      lineStyle      = 
        { Color      = Rgba32.LightBlue
          Thickness = 2.f }}

let settings = Settings.createLineChartSettings "Air Passenger Data Jan 49 – Dec 60" 1500 500
match [series; inflatedSeries] |> createLineChart settings with
| Some image -> image.Save "AirPassengerData.png"
| None       -> failwith "Something went wrong."

And results look like: Line chart showing airline passengers over time

The rendering settings can be customized by updating the Settings record from the code above, before passing to createLineChart. The Settings record has the structure:

open SixLabors.ImageSharp

type LineChartSettings = {
    Title               : string
    Width               : int
    Height              : int
    Font                : SixLabors.Fonts.Font
    GridLineStyle       : LineStyle
    MinorGridLineStyle  : LineStyle
    HorizontalGridLines : int option
    VerticalGridLines   : int option