@ifox ifox released this Sep 24, 2018 · 3 commits to 1.2 since this release

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It's been an exciting first few months for Twill, and along the way, we've been listening to your feedback. Today, we're excited to release Twill 1.2 with easier setup, improved documentation, and several improvements. We also happily welcomed our first external contribution from @yanhao-li and a lot of research on extensibility from @IllyaMoskvin!

Breaking changes have been kept to a minimum and we've provided configuration variables for backward compatibility.

Reminder: Twill's versioning scheme maintains the following convention: paradigm.major.minor, exactly like Laravel. Fun fact: this is called Romantic Versioning! When referencing Twill from your application, you should always use a version constraint such as 1.2.*, since major releases of Twill do include breaking changes.


  • Support for Laravel 5.7 (4021012, f315683)
  • Package auto-discovery for Laravel >= 5.5 (1642477)
  • Documentation sources (VuePress project running at twill.io/docs)
  • Updated documentation sections:
    • Architecture concepts
    • Local environment requirements and installation
    • Configuration
    • Revisions and previewing
    • Dashboard
    • Global search setup
    • Settings sections
    • Imgix sources setup
  • Default CMS global search implementation (edac38a, b234170)
  • My drafts module in dashboard (70d89aa)
  • Option to enable the activity log when dashboard is disabled (3eb4b2a)
  • Support for browser field in repeaters (f1f68bc)
  • CMS users optional fields (title, description) (a75cb00)


  • Revision restoration (e87a71b, eb9718a, 937bbd2)
  • Previewing repeaters in blocks (ffde802, 8d9f656, a6136cf, e0f3e70)
  • Cropped thumbnail rendering CORS issue (f9f6896)
  • Prevent undefined formFieldValue in input and wysiwyg fields (5211a44)
  • Uploader autoretry (342a79c)
  • CMS users permissions (publishers can't edit other users, admins can create new users) (1dd825c)
  • CMS users profile image cropping parameters (b9e22a6)
  • Irrelevant error during Twill setup (9458913)
  • Media library console errors on dashboard (e5f959a)



  • CMS users and their password reset tokens are now stored in twill_users and twill_password_resets tables by default, with options to provide custom table names in config/twill.php for backward compatibility (twill.users_table and twill.password_resets_table) (c6353e7)
  • Twill's exception handler is bound to all controllers, with an option to opt-out for extensibility (twill.bind_exception_handler) (43f27de)
  • Change default column in repository's listAll helper function to title (from name) (024be64)
  • Configuration enables dashboard, search and buckets features by default (a02c59c). You can disable them in the enabled configuration array of your config/twill.php file.