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What is Tasmota?

Alternative open source firmware for ESP8266 based devices such as iTead Sonoff, Allterco Shelly and many, many more.

Provides local control, new features and easy integration with home automation systems.


How to start

You will need some tools to prepare your device for flashing Tasmota and connect it to your Wi-Fi network and MQTT broker.



Tasmota development introduces the feature that Led<x> is linked to Relay<x> and the LedLink and LedLinki components which are used to configure the status LED on the device.


200 devices are now listed in the Templates repository, India and Israel devices have their own page.


Shelly 1PM sensors support is added in development branch.


Big improvements in lights in development branch. Please report any issues or bugs when found.


Preliminary Shelly 2.5 support is added in development branch.


Complete update of the flashing guides, now with pictures.


Tasmota v6.5 is released. Finalized Template support, new devices, improvements in stability and bugfixes, Interlock feature


See Discord, Telegram or Community Forum for feedback, questions and troubleshooting.

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