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SWB1 Smart Power Strip

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SWB1 Wi-Fi smart power strip with 4 main ports. Each port can be controlled manually FCCID: 2AJK8-SWB1 This is a new device not using the Tuya PCB but is a esp8266ex based and works great with Tasmota

The product can be purchased on (could be found on other amazon sites) SWB1-power_strip


SWB1-inside Inside PCB

SWB1-WT8288-S1 The chip used WT8266-S1. The specs can be found on


WT8266-S1_annoted Pins used. You can choose one of 3 GND to your liking. the RESET(RST) pin is also marked for those that use that pin to reset the chip while flashing



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