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Sonoff S26 Smart Socket

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Serial Connection

Please see the Hardware Preparation page for general instructions.

LED State

The S26 has a red LED connected to GPIO12 along with the relay so it's not possible to disable the power button LED entirely. Setting LedState 0 disables the blue LED when the relay is turned on and reserves it for Wi-Fi/MQTT state only.

Soldering guide

Apply rosin to shaved wires. Solder tin to the flats on the module.(First put solder tip to flat and apply tin). Gently solder the wires.

Alternative solder points available for 3V3, GND and RX on the underside of the mainboard.
J1 - 3V3
J2 - GND
J3 - GPIO-12 j4 - GPIO-0 J5 - GPIO-13 J10 - RX

Bringing the Module into Flash Mode

  1. Disconnect serial programmer and power
  2. Press and hold the on-board button - Note: The Button on the main board is not very sensitive and must be pressed firmly.
  3. Connect the serial programmer (VCC, RX, TX, GND)
  4. Release the on-board button

The blue LED should NOT be blinking when in Flash mode.


Running Tasmota 6.1.1 the unit reports:

Flash Size 1024kB
Program Flash Size 1024kB
Program Size 536kB
Free Program Space 464kB
Free Memory 16kB

More information

See issue #2808 for user information

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