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ASP.NET MVC "classic" dependency injection and service configuration extensions to simulate ASP.NET Core's Startup configuration
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This is a classic ASP.NET MVC helper library that started out as a way for me to use the Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection NuGet package for dependency injection. As I worked on it, it dawned on me that with a little bit more nudging it can simulate ASP.NET Core's Startup.cs.

For a more detailed story about why this library came to be, please read my corresponding blog post here. I want to thank David Fowler and Scott Dorman for their code examples which I've taken, adapted, and mostly just glued together.

How to Use

  1. Add the Arex388.AspNet.Mvc.Startup NuGet package.
  2. Change your Global.asax.cs to inherit from StartupApplication.
  3. Add [assembly: OwinStartup(typeof(YourNamespace.MvcApplication))] attribute to the namespace of your Global.asax.cs.
  4. Implement the Configure and ConfigureServices methods inherited from StartupApplication.
  5. Add ConfigureServices() to the end of Application_Start.

Here's a more complete example:

[assembly: OwinStartup(typeof(YourNamespace.MvcApplication))]
namespace YourNamespace {
    public class MvcApplication :
        StartupApplication {
        public void Application_Start() {
            //	Other setup and configuration code here...


		public override Configure(
			IAppBuilder app) {
			//	Add IAppBuilder configurations

        public override void ConfigureServices(
            IServiceCollection services) {
            var assembly = typeof(MvcApplication).Assembly;

            //	Add your controllers

            //	Add other services that have IServiceCollection extensions

Things to Consider

The only annoyance I've had so far is with HangFire's IServiceCollection extensions because they're in the HangFire.AspNetCore NuGet package and that force's a bunch of other NuGet packages to be added in. I can live with it for the simplicity in configuration and dependency registrations I get otherwise.

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