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thelucid commented Jun 19, 2014

I've come up against a bug with ActiveRecord when using namespaces models and polymorphic associations, it's a common use-case so should probably be fixed before a 4.2 release.


NoMethodError: undefined method `relation_delegate_class' for Comment:Module


class Post::Base < ActiveRecord::Base
  self.table_name = 'posts'

class Post::Special < Post::Base
interludic commented Oct 31, 2018
  • Corcel Version: "jgrossi/corcel": "2.5.*",

  • Framework Name & Version: "laravel/framework": "5.5.*",

  • PHP Version: 7.1


Cant find model... for

// clean and simple all posts from a category
$cat = Category::slug('uncategorized')->posts->first();
$cat->posts->each(function($post) {
echo $post->post_title;

mpscholten commented Sep 6, 2020

Currently the IHP Sessions Functions only really work well with Text values. When you want to store other values like Float or ByteString or Id Project you always have to first convert them to a text and then later manually convert them back.

For a few cases we manually added functions such as getSessionInt or getSessionUUID. We should try to generalize this by introducing a type cl

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