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Argo CD Notifications is now part of Argo CD

This project has moved to the main Argo CD repository

This repository is no longer active. The Argo CD notifications project is now merged with Argo CD and released along with it. Further development will happen there. See for more details.

Argo CD Notifications - OLD README

Argo CD Notifications continuously monitors Argo CD applications and provides a flexible way to notify users about important changes in the applications state. The project includes a bundle of useful built-in triggers and notification templates, integrates with various notification services such as Slack, SMTP, Opsgenie, Telegram and anything else using custom webhooks.


Why use Argo CD Notifications?

The Argo CD Notifications is not the only way to monitor Argo CD application. You might leverage Prometheus metrics and Grafana Alerts or projects like bitnami-labs/kubewatch and argo-kube-notifier. The advantage of Argo CD Notifications is that it is focused on Argo CD use cases and ultimately provides a better user experience.

Old Documentation

Go to the complete documentation to learn more.