Always Responsive Accessible Web Page Display and Printing For Any Device
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Always Responsive-pages

Web Page Display and Printing For Any Computer and Internet Device

There are many devices and browsers on the Internet. Backwards compatibility must be considered. Creating webpages that display on any device and any browser without concern regarding bandwidth is problematic. Another consideration is with a new version of a browser, the webpage may crumble and the code needs to be rewritten. Flexbox cannot be trusted for all browsers.

When using this code

Legacy browsers are not an issue.

Difficult browsers are not an issue.

Backwards compatibility is not an issue.

Users can print any webpage straight from the net.

Blockquote Version

    Place the code/content for every webpage between an opening blockquote and a closing blockquote.

    Place blockquote after the body tag.



    Insert webpage content

    Close the tags at the foot of the webpage 




Using this version web pages will print allowing margins for pages to be placed in three-ring binders double sided. Again, device and/or printer is not a consideration.

Table Version

    Alternate to the blockquote option.

    Enclose the webpage in one large table

    Always use percentages to size the table

    Always use the center option for the table.


    table width=”90%” align=”center”

    This will produce a 5% margin on each side of the table.

    Avoid the table description option. Browsers may display the description option in plain text on the webpage.

    Insert webpage content into the table using rows and cells.

    Be aware, browsers may display the lines between table cells and rows.

    Close the tags at the foot of the webpage




Both options will work on all versions of HTML. With these coding options webpages will resize and adjust. No need to write different code for different devices and browsers. Both versions will allow - any user, any device, any bandwidth, to print pages straight from the browser.


Some users with visibility and/or accessibility issues may need to enlarge the text to a preferred size while reading on the browser. Users can choose any font size (unless constrained by CSS), and the page will adjust.

The apache 2.0 was filed May 2000. First added to github June 15, 2018, updated February 11, 2019 by Alexandra Andrews