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pkgx - Easy packaging of Erlang releases

This program can be used to make OS packages for an Erlang application bundled as an OTP release.

Getting started

Create a pkgx.config in the root of your project. Look at the pkgx.config.sample file for inspiration. Also, make sure that you're all set with generating a release using rebar3.

Typical workflow scenario:

$> rebar3 release
$> pkgx deb

Now, you have a *.deb file in your _build/prod/rel/ directory which holds the Erlang release and can be easily installed on a target system.

The service will automatically start (using an init.d script), and run under a new user account. Log files are found in /var/log/(package). A default, empty, config file is created in /etc/(package)/(package).config, from which application environment variables are read from.