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Standardization tool for healthcare data
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Pyrog is a web application intended to help standardizing healthcare data collected through various softwares. Our main goal is to build a community tool so as to share ETLs for all these softwares. Moreover, we want to make it easy for healthcare facilities to convert their ETL into FHIR and publish it.

This project comprises a server built with Prisma (GraphQL) and client which consists of a React application.

Want to see what our project looks like? Checkout our staging client and dive into our staging GraphQL server (playground):


Installation instructions can be found in ./client and ./server.

Start contributing

We have reported several issues with the label Good first issue which can be a good way to start! You can also join our Slack to contact us if you have trouble or questions :)

If you're enthusiastic about our project, ⭐️ it to show your support! ❤️

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