Trivents is a one-stop web-application to manage and create location-based events.
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Trivents is a one-stop web-application to manage and create Events.

By creating an event on Trivents, you have the option of automatically making an event on Eventbrite, Google+, MeetUp etc. based on the information you submitted on Trivents. We can even retrieve information from a Facebook event (with just the URL) and post to all other social media platforms. We are, therefore, a one-stop event creator with free social marketing.

Every event also has a unique QR code automatically generated. Trivents can also automatically pull events from Facebook in a given radius.

###How to Run? After cloning this repository, within the directory -

  1. meteor npm install --save fb
  2. meteor

You can now see the application run on localhost:3000

##Trivents' future Trivents is currently focused on UC San Diego and San Diego events, but eventually we would want to expand to other colleges, cities and countries. Furthermore, we intend to add a "roaming mode" through a mobile app wherein if you are within one kilometre radius of an event you get push notifications. At the moment, we're using Facebook's Messenger API for scanning QR codes and registering for events. However, in the future we want to be a completely stand-alone mobile and web application with our own QR scanning logic. Also, we want to become smarter (possibly by using machine learning methods) by understanding the user's preferences and in-turn display those events that match with the user's liking more prominently.


Arkin Gupta
Ahan Mukhopadhyay
Alex Garcia
Andrew George