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keyboardio firmware
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Keyboardio Model 01 Firmware

The firmware of Colemak user Arley McBlain for the Model 01.


Failed experiments

Not every setting I try has been good, I want to keep track of a couple and why they fail.

  • OneShot alt was too error prone for me; mis-hit when going for space, accidentally double hit for triggering alfred making it sticky
  • Swapping bksp with cmd and space with alt was ok, but they are in great spots, obviously Jesse and Kaia put a lot of thought into the defaults
  • On a previous board with Karabiner Elements I tried DualUse for left and right shift keys being parens–such a great idea, but in reality I'm still a bit sloppy a typer; I would hit shift in anticipation of modifying a key, but change my mind-and leave a bracket behind!
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