Set of classes that help setup very simple animations, with curves, repeat modes and barebones scheduling.
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Set up very simple animations, with curves, repeat modes and basic scheduling.

Let's see how to make a value animate indefinitely between two values, with an EaseInEaseOut curve.

ofxAnimatableFloat	anim;


	//set initial position
	anim.reset( 0.0f );

	//set repeating style

	//set animation curve

	//start the animation, go from current val to the specified val
	anim.animateTo( 1.0f );


	//update with App timebase (60 fps)
	pointAnim.update( 1.0f/60.0f );

Includes basic tweening curves, and customizable ones found here and here; also includes Google's Swift Out curve.

ofxAnimatable screenshot

see big

##LICENSE ofxAnimatable is made available under the MIT license.