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Golang K/V client for Consul
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DEPRECATED Please use consul api package instead. Godocs for that package are here.

This package provides the consulkv package which is a Key/Value client for Consul. It supports all the commands as of Consul 0.1, and has a very simple API.


The full documentation is available on Godoc


Below is an example of using the Consul KV client:

client, _ := consulkv.NewClient(consulkv.DefaultConfig())

key := "foo"
value := []byte("test")
client.Put(key, value, 42)

meta, pair, err := client.Get(key)
fmt.Printf("Got %s (%d): %s", pair.Key, pair.Flags, pair.Value)


To run the tests, first run a consul server with API port 8500:

consul agent -data-dir /tmp/consul -server -bootstrap

The run tests:

go test
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