A Live dashboard in ReactJS for Mailjet Event API (http://dev.mailjet.com/guides/event-api-guide/)
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Mailjet Live Event API Dashboard

Demo application for Mailjet Event API built with ReactJS. It's a live dashboard of all the event you receive via our API. Based on the offical React tutorial


Go here


Install Golang to run the API server. Install Bower, the package manager for the web.

Install server dependencies: go get github.com/gorilla/mux

Copy the config.json.dist file to config.json and fill it with the following information (all optional):

  • base_url: the Mailjet base URL. Default to our production environment
  • max_events_count: the maximum number of events to display, default to 10. 0 for unlimited
  • api_key: the default Mailjet API key to use
  • api_secret: the default Mailjet API secret to use
  • recipient: the default email address to send the sample email to
  • subject: the default subject of the sample email
  • body: the default body of the sample email

Run the bower install command to fetch front-end dependencies: bower install Run the server: go run server.go. The server accepts an optional parameter to set the port. Go to localhost:port (default port is 3000) and follow the instructions.

Want to contribute? Need help?

Open a PR / issue here on Github. Also, don't hesitate to email or tweet me!

(Low) hanging fruits

  • Rewrite the API in React, to make it isomorphic
  • Improve the design
  • Write Go doc
  • Add tests
  • Move Event callback URL to backup first before updating if any