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Logs things (dicts, tuples, lists, etc) in color and beautiful format.


This package can be installed from PyPI using pip. Make sure you have pip installed then run:

$ pip install prettylogger

#####Installation Using Buildout

If you're using Buildout and want to use prettylogger you can do so by adding the following lines to your buildout.cfg file:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = prettylogger

and appending prettylogger to your buildout:parts.


Logging beautifully formatted things is as easy as:

from prettylogger.utils import log

thing = {'name': 'prettylogger', 'version': '0.1.0'}
mode = 'rb' # Discussion below
log(thing, mode)

And it will log the following:

prettylogger output

#####Formatting Options

The mode parameter for the log function is a string with each character being one of the following:

  • p: print the thing in purple
  • c: print the thing in cyan
  • y: print the thing in yellow
  • g: print the thing in green
  • r: print the thing in red
  • b: print the thing in bold characters

So the mode used in the example above, rb, tells the log method to print the thing in color red and bold characters.


To contribute to this mini-project just fork this repository, clone your forked repository and run buildout inside the project directory.

$ git clone
$ cd prettylogger
$ ./bin/buildout

This will take care of retrieving the project's dependencies.

When contributing new code to the project, please test your code. The test specs are in the src/prettylogger/ file. To run the tests simply do:

$ ./bin/test

Merging your code into this main repository must be done through pull requests.

####Bugs and Issues

If you find any bugs and issues in this project, please report them by opening an issue here.


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