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Locker Room

Locker Room is a shared lock manager that uses MongoDB to store the locks. This makes it possible for resources on a network to share the same locks.


import locker_room
locker = locker_room.LockerRoom(host='server1')

with locker.lock_and_release('my_lock', owner='gustav', timeout=2, expire=60):
    # do important stuff

It is also possible to use the locker as a function decorator:

def important_function():
    # do important stuff

Or you can call the lock and release-methods explicitly:

locker.lock('my_lock', timeout=2)
# do stuff

To find out the status of a lock, use the status-method:

>> {u'owner': u'gustav', u'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2014, 4, 17, 14, 6, 8, 291000), 
    u'_id': u'my_lock',  u'locked': True}

The optional expire-parameter can be used to set a limit (in seconds) for how long a lock can be held before the lock holder is assumed to be dead and the lock can then be stolen by the next requester. By calling the touch-method a long-lived process can delay the expiration.

Setup and requirements

Locker Room needs access to MongoDB.

For function decorator to work you need contextlib2, if you are using Python 2.7.